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My kitchen, simple but effective.

20th May 2019–Winton

Distance: 405km
Fuel: 39L

Woke to a spectacular sunrise. Went for a walk first thing to the local bakery to buy a fresh loaf and a couple of rolls for lunch.

Blackall Dawn

Heading north today, wasn’t sure where I would stop so just set off. BTW At the moment I am listening to a John Grisham audiobook called, ‘The Whistler”, not a bad story.

First major town is Barcaldine but I stayed there not that long ago so didn’t stop at all and headed toward Longreach.

Stopped for a while at Ilfracombe and took some pictures of its machinery mile and walked round the town before having one of my cheese rolls – wish I had bought more, they were excellent.

IlfracombeMachinery Mile, IlfracombeMachinery Mile, IlfracombeMachinery Mile, IlfracombeMachinery Mile, IlfracombeMachinery Mile, IlfracombeMachinery Mile, IlfracombeRoad Train, Ilfracombe

Drove on to Longreach where I stopped again for a break.

Longreach Stockman's Hall of FameLongreach Stockman's Hall of FameQANTAS Founders Museum, Longreach QANTAS Founders Museum, Longreach QANTAS Founders Museum, Longreach QANTAS Founders Museum, Longreach QANTAS Founders Museum, Longreach QANTAS Founders Museum, Longreach

Arrived in Winton mid afternoon and booked into one of the not very promising caravan parks that the town has to offer. The main street is undergoing major renovations, the entire eastbound lane has been torn up and a detour in place.


Minor domestic disaster, my china mug has cracked, must have endured one bump too many.

19th May 2019–Blackall

Distance: 318km
Fuel: 33L

Slept a bit too well last night and didn’t wake up until nearly 7am, usually by that time I have showered and had breakfast, not that it mattered because there is no rush today. Heading north to Blackall.

Left the caravan park just after 9am and didn’t stop until I reached Augathella (where the writer of the Smiley stories grew up). Stopped there for a coffee and snack at the pub and a bit of a walk about to stretch the legs. The coffee was OK but the scone had seen better days (I suppose it is Sunday) – should have stuck to coffee and raison toast for $6.


Anyway after a decent break set off again. There had been signs warning of cattle droving on the road and so there was.


Arrived in Blackall about 1.30pm found the only caravan park. I have not stayed here before but I guess apart from mining it is famous for being the site of the ‘’Black Stump”. Also had a look of the original pioneer bore which only produced water unsuitable for drinking then came across the current bore which does supply the town water. I have got used to showering in water smelling of sulphur and the water furring up my kettle but whether artesian bore water is drinkable is debatable in my opinion but they seem to have plenty of it because sprinklers were going all over town.

 BlackallBlackall Black StumpBlackall Black StumpBlackall Black StumpBlackallBlackall Pioneer BoreBlackall Pioneer BoreBlackall Pioneer BoreBlackallBlackall Town BoreBlackall Town BoreBlackall Ram Park and Museum190519 036 Blackall Ram Park and Museum190519 039 Blackall Ram Park and Museum190519 043 Blackall Ram Park and Museum190519 045 Blackall Ram Park and Museum190519 047 BlackallBlackallBlackallBlackall

BTW The flies are terrible thank gawd for Aerogard.

18th May 2019–Charleville

Distance:  426km
Fuel: 42L

Wasn’t sure which way to go today but in the end decided to go west, initially thought I might stay at Mitchell but once I arrived at that town it was still early so decided to push on to Charleville.

On the road to Charleville

I didn’t stop in Roma because it is not long since I was last there. Click here to see that visit.

Passed through various scenery, some open paddocks others more wooded. The weather so far on this trip has been perfect.

On the road to CharlevilleAtOn the road to Charleville

Stopped a couple of times once at Muckadilla – somewhere I have stopped before, it is a tiny town, little more than a service station and a few buildings but let’s face it who would not want to stop somewhere called Muckadilla? The name just appeals, even better they even offer free camp sites behind the community hall.

Muckadilla Hall

At Charleville found a caravan park that I had stayed at before which was pleasant enough and set up before going for a walk. Charleville is also a place I have visited a couple of times before, the last time not that long ago, I have seen the Bilbys before and it was closed while a show was in progress so I didn’t stop. Click here to see the last visit.


There must have been a rodeo in town because the commentary could be heard all afternoon and evening from the caravan park the activities were followed by a band which was quite enjoyable.

Had a bit of a scare in the evening when I hurt my back and could hardly walk but fortunately by the morning it was back to normal.

17th May 2019–Miles, Qld

Distance: 365km
Fuel: 40L

Good sleep, only down to 15C in the camper during the night so the summer doona was fine. As usual up about 6.30am and straight into the shower before having breakfast.

Reasonable drive to Miles stopped a couple times as before the stretch my legs and use the composting loo much like yesterday.

Arrive in Miles just before 1pm not that pleased with the caravan park I thought it was a bit pricey even though it has brand new unisex toilets/showers. It is crammed between the highway and a railway track so noise might be an issue.


After setting up went across the road to the Miles Historical Museum. It is one of those community museums full of nic nacs  and junk, always quite interesting though some rooms were a bit like visiting my grandmother.

Miles Historical MuseumMiles Historical MuseumMiles Historical MuseumMiles Historical MuseumMiles Historical MuseumMiles Historical MuseumMiles Historical MuseumMiles Historical MuseumMiles Historical MuseumMiles Historical MuseumMiles Historical MuseumMiles Historical MuseumMiles Historical MuseumMiles Historical MuseumMiles Historical MuseumMiles Historical MuseumMiles Historical MuseumMiles Historical MuseumMiles Historical MuseumMiles Historical MuseumMiles

16th May 2019–Moree

Distance: 419Km
Fuel: 44L

It was quite a cold night, temperature in the camper got down to 8C but I was warm under my winter doona. Up early at 6.30am for a hot shower which warmed me up no end. Didn’t leave the camp site until nearly 9am after packing up very leisurely.

Still heading north toward Queensland, travelled via Coonabarabran and Narrabri, stopped a few times on the way including one stop at Pluto. This is the outer limit of the scale model of the solar system using the dome at Siding Springs observatory as the sun.

190516 005 On the way to Moree190516 004 On the way to Moree

Arrived at Moree just after 2pm, found a caravan park and checked in. Had a drive through site, naturally drove through with the kitchen facing the sun so had to turn the camper around! but once I was satisfied unhitched and set up the camper (takes about 5 minutes  because there is nothing on TV so I didn’t want to set up the Tv aerial).

Drove to a Puma service station and filled up with fuel and, after returning to the camp, parked the car and went for a walk into the town. I have been to Moree before.

190516 020 Moree190516 029 Moree190516 031 Moree190516 035 Moree190516 036 Moree190516 038 Moree190516 041 Moree190516 044 Moree190516 049 Moree190516 017 Moree

It still has one of the old playground Rockets but it is unfortunately sealed shut however next to it is a much larger, more modern and presumably safer version.

190516 018 Moree

Returned to the caravan park just as it got dark, had a bite to eat and a couple of beers. Nice day.

15 May 2019 North to Mudgee

Distance: 347.5km
Fuel: 32L

The journey I hate. Decided to head north toward Sydney and then west through the Blue Mountains. Set off at about 8.30 and immediately was stalled in the Wollongong workers rush but it was OK once I hit Picton Road and headed north on the Hume Highway. Then the Sydney traffic, as always, was hell followed by the inevitable road works in the Blue Mountains, such a relief to reach Lithgow and know that you are back to sane traffic conditions.

From then on it was easy, I only stopped once just to stretch my legs before reaching Mudgee just after 1pm. Found the Caravan Park and checked in – reasonable price at $25  for a powered site.


After setting up I had a cup of tea, drove to get fuel before returning  and going for a walk into the town. It is a pretty town.

MudgeeMudgeeMudgee190515 014 Mudgee190515 018 MudgeeMudgeeMudgeeMudgeeMudgeeMudgeeMudgeeMudgee

There is even a decent looking club within a few minutes walk of the caravan park though I didn’t go, ended up watching ‘The Weekly’’ and reading my book.