29th November 2020–Beat the Heat

Distance: 329km
Fuel: 32L

Finally decided to abort my trip with the heatwave in NSW continuing. The weather forecast was terrible for next week. I can cope with temperatures up to about 32/3’ but over that is starting to get too hot for comfort.

As I was only just over 300km from home decided to set off across the Blue Mountains and make for Wollongong, the traffic was not too bad on a Sunday. It was extremely hot and windy most of the way but fortunately I did not run into any fires.

In the end I was home about 1pm after a not too bad trip. A bit disappointed about shortening my get away but them’s the breaks it is nearly summer and very late in the season for the inland.

I have got a few ideas from this trip, I was very pleased with my awning, so much lighter than the gazebo and with the addition of a couple of simple ties it is so easy to put up. I the only problem I can see is getting the car facing the right way to use it on some sites.

The one thing that really needs solving is for the rare nights when it rains, I hate sleeping in the camper with both outer doors shut so that is something I need to work on. It is not urgent but I would like a solution.

Statistics for this short trip.

Total Distance: 1424Km
Total Fuel: 152L
Average Price/L: $1.17

I think the pandemic has raised the overnight price of caravan parks because there was nothing under $30 a night.