A Couple of Days in the Mountains

8th – 10th February 2018

Visited the Blue Mountains at Katoomba to show my brother around – didn’t take the camper but stayed at a motel near Echo Point.

Echo Point

Wandered down to Echo Point to look at the view and The Three Sisters. When you look down the valley you can understand why the early settlers took decades to find a way through the mountains (they didn’t think to ask the Aborigines who crossed the mountains all the time).

180208 001 Katoomba Blue Mountains180208 004 Katoomba Blue Mountains180208 007 Katoomba Blue Mountains180208 020 Katoomba Blue Mountains180208 012 Katoomba Blue Mountains180208 030 Katoomba Blue Mountains

Climbed down the Great Staircase only as far as the cave on the first sister.

Scenic World

Spent the morning at Scenic World. Very sophisticated these days, when I first visited it was, to say the least, very basic but in those days it was great fun. The boardwalk in the rainforest is very enjoyable but the queues for the rides are not fun.

180209 008 Scenic World Katoomba180209 010 Scenic World Katoomba180209 011 Scenic World Katoomba180209 020 Scenic World Katoomba180209 032 Scenic World Katoomba180209 050 Scenic World Katoomba180209 071 Scenic World Katoomba180209 074 Scenic World Katoomba

Leura Cascades

Away from the hustle of Scenic World a walk down the Leura Cascades, much quieter and relaxing.

180209 112 Leura Cascades180209 130 Leura Cascades

Bygone Beautys

Quick visit for their Devonshire Teas and a look at the teapots.

180209 137 Leura Bygone Beautys

Toy and Rail Museum

Don’t you hate in when the toys of your childhood appear in a Museum?

180209 159 Leura Toy and Rail Museum180209 157 Leura Toy and Rail Museum

Sir Henry Parkes Grave

180210 001 Falconbridge Henry Parkes Graves180210 004 Falconbridge Henry Parkes Graves

Norman Lindsay Gallery

Author, artist, poet, sculptor, model builder is there no end to his talent?

180210 015 Falconbridge Norman Lindsey Museum180210 009 Falconbridge Norman Lindsey Museum180210 008 Falconbridge Norman Lindsey Museum180210 010 Falconbridge Norman Lindsey Museum