Taiping to Jitra

22nd May 2023

Set off early, just after 8am to get back to Jitra, I drove most of the way. Mary has to get back for her work and I have run out of clothes to wear.

Actually I don’t have an International Licence though I carry my Australian licence but paying over $50 for what is a mass-produced booklet with a couple of stamps in it is an absolute rip off. Let’s hope I don’t get stopped.

We arrived back before lunch with only a couple of stops on the way.

Welcome to my Blog

I have moved my blog from its old Google server to this server. Things have not always copied across accurately and some of the links might not work so please bear with me as I try to correct things. There seems to be a particular problem with some of the maps so I am trying to correct that – apparently it is a Google Maps bug.

If you want to be notified when there is a new post please enter your email address in the box at the bottom of the right hand sidebar. I only add posts when I travel so this blog can remain static for weeks then suddenly get a series of daily entries.

Anyway I hope you enjoy them. You can follow or catch up with a specific journey by clicking on the name of the journey in the “Category” list at the right, there is even a monthly list too.

My kitchen, simple but effective.