27th April 2018–Monto

Distance: 326 km
Fuel: 36 L

Woke up this morning to a blanket of fog however the sun soon burned it away.

Dalby Fog

Dalby Pioneer Museum

Opposite the caravan park there is the Dalby Pioneer Museum. I have generally stopped visiting country heritage museums because it is rather like visiting my grandmother’s house. This one looked a little bit different – it was many buildings on a large block and the advertising sign outside was intriguing.

Dalby Pioneer Museum

They had a telephone exchange, fossils, a vast bottle collection, agricultural machinery, computers, adding machines, typewriters, record players, trucks, even the first and the last white painted Qld fire engines. They didn’t just have one or two of things they had dozens. It opened at 8am and I only left at 9.45 because I had to vacate the caravan site by 10am. Well worth a visit.

180427 005 Dalby Pioneer Museum180427 006 Dalby Pioneer Museum180427 007 Dalby Pioneer Museum180427 009 Dalby Pioneer Museum180427 011 Dalby Pioneer Museum180427 012 Dalby Pioneer Museum180427 013 Dalby Pioneer Museum180427 014 Dalby Pioneer Museum180427 016 Dalby Pioneer Museum180427 019 Dalby Pioneer Museum180427 021 Dalby Pioneer Museum180427 022 Dalby Pioneer Museum180427 023 Dalby Pioneer Museum180427 025 Dalby Pioneer Museum180427 026 Dalby Pioneer Museum180427 027 Dalby Pioneer Museum180427 029 Dalby Pioneer Museum180427 031 Dalby Pioneer Museum180427 033 Dalby Pioneer Museum180427 034 Dalby Pioneer Museum180427 036 Dalby Pioneer Museum180427 039 Dalby Pioneer Museum180427 041 Dalby Pioneer Museum180427 044 Dalby Pioneer Museum180427 046 Dalby Pioneer Museum180427 050 Dalby Pioneer Museum180427 053 Dalby Pioneer Museum180427 055 Dalby Pioneer Museum180427 056 Dalby Pioneer Museum180427 059 Dalby Pioneer MuseumHearse180427 069 Dalby Pioneer Museum

On the Road

Off again through the back roads – they are rough roads with few places to stop except in the towns on the way.

If you don’t stop at a town called Mundubbera where do you stop? Was able to park in the town centre by taking up two spaces and had a look around. The town obviously has a talented artist(s) because his/her murals were everywhere.


Unfortunately I changed a setting on my camera by mistake so the photos look odd Sad smile

Another 100 km to Monto where I decided to stay a night. Found the local caravan park and dropped off the camper before going into town for fuel, milk and other essentials. A massive main street with parking in the centre of the road as well as each side (room to turn a Bullock Team in?). Plenty of spaces to park and little traffic.


Rain is badly needed in this area, just before I made dinner about 5 drops of rain fell.

Fuel consumption rocketed today; the speed limit is 100kph which is fine towing the trailer. For a while today I was doing 113kph and it took me a while to notice – My excuse is that it was an open road and no traffic so I must have accidentally re-set the cruise control or something equally daft.

26th April 2018–Dalby

Distance: 344 km
Fuel: 34 L

The road from Warialda to Texas must be one of the worst in the state. It wasn’t that it was potholed or broken up it was just bumpy. I have driven on better dirt roads.

I am now in Foreign Parts.

Queensland Border

Didn’t stop in Texas it is not that long since I stayed here. >>Click here for more about Texas<<    >>And Here<<

Road Signs - Looking Good

I did stop at Inglewood for a break, a steak and kidney pie and a coffee at the bakery. The coffee was made in a machine but was surprisingly good. The machine ground the beans and treated the milk (not powdered) to produce a very respectable, hot cup of coffee with little waiting. Another job lost to automation.

180426 009 InglewoodInglewood

The road improved but one of the problems of using back roads rather than the main highways is the lack of rest areas. The next stop was a small town called Cecil Plains only about 50km from Dalby.

InglewoodCecil PlainsCecil PlainsCecil Plains

Cotton harvesting seemed in full swing with massive bales waiting to be transported. Sometimes the road verges appear white with cotton but perhaps the bales are better because there was a lot less waste than I have seen on previous trips.

Cotton CropDalby Cotton Crop

Dalby was unfortunately a bit of a nightmare with major roadworks happening along the length of the town. I got fuel on the way because the idea of driving back did not appeal to me. Funnily enough it was the cheapest fuel of the trip.

The caravan park was on off the main road but still affected by these roadworks – I am not kidding, the roadworks went for kms and affected the whole town. I suspect they will be great when they are finished but a major bottleneck at the moment.


The landscape is dominated by silos of all shapes and sizes.

Dalby SilosDalby Silos