Boxing Day at Sea

Date: 26th December 2022


Usual breakfast and walk until 7.30am, still working up a good sweat even though the temperature is now only about 22 or 23°C

This is my last day without the Internet, many facts have had to go unverified over the last 10 days but normal service will be resumed tomorrow.

There was an event in the Marquee Theatre this morning with the cruise director explaining the procedures for disembarkation tomorrow morning. It was actually a publicity promotion for P&O because all he said of substance was that passengers will receive a letter telling them their meeting time and place, that their bags have to be outside their room by 8pm tonight and that the cabins must be vacated by 7.30am in the morning. I thought it was surprisingly poorly attended but perhaps everybody else knows what will happen tomorrow and realised that most of the content was publicity fluff.

Pacific Adventure - Disembarkation Talk

Sure enough when I returned to my room there was the disembarkation letter waiting for me, listing my group, my meeting time and place. The arrangements were actually different to the information I had previously been given regarding my transfer to Central (train) Station so I rang the Guest Services to check but was told just go by the letter.

Disembarkation Letter

I spent a little while filling out the “Incoming Passenger Card” and my baggage label then sorted out and packed my clothes into the suitcase. Set the alarm on my phone for 5am tomorrow, it might be a long day tomorrow being a public holiday so I want to make sure I get some breakfast.

Disembarkation Luggage

Soon it was about time for lunch, so it was off to the Pantry, where I had a blow out meal with a hot dog, chicken sandwich and some dessert. Well, it is the last lunch of the trip!


Not much planned for this arvo so just wandered about, plenty of passengers enjoying the sunshine around the swimming pools but there is definitely an end of voyage feel to things.

Pacific AdventurePacific AdventurePacific AdventurePacific AdventurePacific AdventurePacific AdventurePacific Adventure

I brought a couple of books with me on this trip and have read them both so now only have my faithful old Sony Ereader to read. I found carrying a book (or a hat) was a handy way of reserving a table when you go to the bar to get a drink or some more food, normally not a problem if there are two of you but by myself, if you leave the table for any reason when you return it has sometimes been taken by someone else unless you leave something behind.

Sat on my balcony for a while enjoying the sunshine, not that the view changes much with the land way over the horizon but it is very nice out there.

Pacific Adventure Balcony in the SunPacific Adventure Balcony in the Sun


Before going to dinner I put my bag out in the corridor to be collected for disembarkation tomorrow, I remembered to keep some clean clothes to wear in the morning.

Dinner tonight was in the Dragon Lady restaurant, as usual a decent enough meal but I felt rather full after my excessive lunch so possibly didn’t enjoy it as much as I should.

There was a show in the Marquee tonight called Musicology – it was a big improvement on the rest of their shows, I enjoyed it. Lots of singers, variety and a live band – how the shows should have been all along.

Pacific Adventure MusicologyPacific Adventure MusicologyPacific Adventure Musicology

Am up early in the morning so will give the rest of the evening’s entertainment a miss.

Pacific Adventure Voyage MapPacific Adventure Voyage Map