Dubbo to Temora

7th June 2021

Distance: 325km
Fuel: 33L

This is where we say farewell to Andrew (and the doggie) who has to return to Sydney for his work, We only have one more day left of our trip too.

Dubbo Katie's set up

It is possible to drive from Dubbo to our respective homes in Wollongong and Canberra but it is a long drive so we decided to drive to Temora and go home from there.

This morning was cold though not as cold as yesterday so we all had a late start, Andrew left by 8.30am but Katie and I didn’t get away until after 9am.

It was an easy drive through undulating country, quite different to the Outback.

Arrived in Temora just after 1pm to an almost empty caravan park. It is one of those council run parks where you pick a site and a council worker/caretaker comes round in the late afternoon to collect the money.


Once we set up we wandered over to the Temora Aviation Museum, I have been several times before but it was Katie’s first visit and I think she really enjoyed it. Most of their planes still fly.

Temora Aviation MuseumTemora Aviation MuseumTemora Aviation MuseumTemora Aviation MuseumTemora Aviation MuseumTemora Aviation MuseumTemora Aviation MuseumTemora Aviation Museum

It was cold that evening.


But the sunset was spectacular.

Temora Sunset

Looking at Dubbo

6th June 2021

Distance: 14.3km
Fuel: 33L

It was cold this morning, there was ice on everything, even the table has frozen dew on it. My car was covered in flowering gum nuts so later I made a point of parking a bit further over.

Gum Flowers

First visit today was to Old Dubbo Gaol.

Old Dubbo GaolOld Dubbo GaolOld Dubbo GaolOld Dubbo GaolOld Dubbo GaolOld Dubbo GaolOld Dubbo GaolOld Dubbo Gaol

After this we followed a part of the Heritage walk but to be frank it was one of those with a sign showing a beautiful old building which was replaced in the 1950s by a particularly ugly Coles supermarket. Not that interesting to be frank.


Because this was the last day with Andrew able to travel with us we decided that a nice meal was in order so a booking was made at the Commercial Hotel in the centre of Dubbo. It turned out to be a good choice – the meal was excellent and the staff very friendly. It was washed down with a couple of beers.

Cobar to Dubbo

5th June 2021

Distance: 310km

Woke to quite a thick fog this morning however it was to be another lazy day, slowly got ready to leave and were on the road about 9.15am. There is only one way – through Nyngan then on to Dubbo.

Andrew had some radio issues which turned out to be the aerial plug had come loose, something he was quickly able to rectify.

Cobar to DubboCobar to Dubbo

We stopped at Nevertire for a short break (I always stop there) but it has gone down hill a bit, the pub is still open but the cafe has closed.


It was good to be back in the Central west of NSW.

Cobar to Dubbo

Arrived at the caravan park at about 1pm to be given two large adjacent sites where we set up camp.

In the evening to two kids went Stargazing while I looked after the dog.