7th May 2017–Foreign Parts

Distance: 235.3 km
Fuel: 39 L

Today I left Australia and visited the Principality of Hutt River Province. Prince Leonard served me and sold me postcards and a stubbie holder in the Government building. Prince Graeme provided me with a visa for $4 at the Post Office. It was an interesting visit.


Prince Leonard was very nice, here he is putting my purchases in a bag for me.

Natures Window

I was ready to look at a local landmark called Natures Window Alas the road is closed for maintenance until July (they are gold plating it).


Here is a picture of what I would have seen had it been open.

More Scenery

Drove up to Red Bluff to admire the views and see the Zuytdorp Memorial – a Dutch ship wrecked here in about 1712. There were survivors but what became of them is not known.

170507 040 Red Bluff Zuytdorp Memorial


Finally… Bird Watching

It’s well known that I am an avid bird watcher so today I visited Rainbow Jungle to see what we bird watchers call “parrots” (or not, as the case may be).

Winking smile


6th May 2017–Geraldton to Kalbarri

Distance: 191 km

I set off this morning expecting to arrive at Kalbarri at about midday but it proved a much more interesting journey than I anticipated and I eventually reached the caravan park at 3.30pm.

Came across a partly restored convict settlement at Lynton – the Port Gregory Convict Hiring Station.

170506 001 Lynton Port Gregory Convict Hiring Station170506 004 Lynton Port Gregory Convict Hiring Station170506 005 Lynton Port Gregory Convict Hiring Station170506 007 Lynton Port Gregory Convict Hiring Station170506 013 Lynton Port Gregory Convict Hiring Station170506 017 Lynton Port Gregory Convict Hiring Station

There was a connection to the Anna on whom “The King and I” was based (click on the photo for a bigger version).

170506 009 Lynton Port Gregory Convict Hiring Station

Took a side trip to visit Port Gregory; a white beach protected by a reef and what appeared to be good fishing if a seven year old who kept reeling in whiting was anything to go by.

170506 027 Port Gregory

170506 026 Port Gregory

Nearby was Pink Lake and yes, it was pink – some algae that thrives in salt water lakes apparently (like Lake Tyrell).

170506 031 Port Gregory Pink Lake

170506 033 Port Gregory Pink Lake170506 036 Port Gregory Pink Lake

As I neared Kalbarri there were numerous lookouts on top of the cliffs overlooking the Indian Ocean. I can’t remember which photo was taken from which lookout.

170506 043 Coastline Near Kalbarri170506 049 Coastline Near Kalbarri170506 054 Coastline Near Kalbarri170506 055 Coastline Near Kalbarri170506 057 Coastline Near Kalbarri, 170506 065 Coastline Near Kalbarri

Finally in the caravan park noticed these two cars next to each other.

170506 076 Kalbarri Caravan Park Number Plates