16th May 2019–Moree

Distance: 419Km
Fuel: 44L

It was quite a cold night, temperature in the camper got down to 8C but I was warm under my winter doona. Up early at 6.30am for a hot shower which warmed me up no end. Didn’t leave the camp site until nearly 9am after packing up very leisurely.

Still heading north toward Queensland, travelled via Coonabarabran and Narrabri, stopped a few times on the way including one stop at Pluto. This is the outer limit of the scale model of the solar system using the dome at Siding Springs observatory as the sun.

190516 005 On the way to Moree190516 004 On the way to Moree

Arrived at Moree just after 2pm, found a caravan park and checked in. Had a drive through site, naturally drove through with the kitchen facing the sun so had to turn the camper around! but once I was satisfied unhitched and set up the camper (takes about 5 minutes  because there is nothing on TV so I didn’t want to set up the Tv aerial).

Drove to a Puma service station and filled up with fuel and, after returning to the camp, parked the car and went for a walk into the town. I have been to Moree before.

190516 020 Moree190516 029 Moree190516 031 Moree190516 035 Moree190516 036 Moree190516 038 Moree190516 041 Moree190516 044 Moree190516 049 Moree190516 017 Moree

It still has one of the old playground Rockets but it is unfortunately sealed shut however next to it is a much larger, more modern and presumably safer version.

190516 018 Moree

Returned to the caravan park just as it got dark, had a bite to eat and a couple of beers. Nice day.