23rd October 2019–San Remo & About

Distance: 37 km
Fuel: 31 L

Quite thick fog and very heavy dew this morning – great for getting bugs off the windscreen but cold and wet.

San Remo

Even after 10am the fog persisted as a sea mist.

San Remo

it cleared as the day got warmer.

Did some shopping and looking around San Remo before going to see the advertised Pelican Feeding at noon.

San RemoSan Remo

Not very excited about this as there are plenty of pelicans in Wollongong. Anyway there were a few hanging about waiting for a feed though in the event they didn’t seem that hungry.

San RemoSan Remo Pelican FeedingSan Remo Pelican FeedingSan Remo Pelican Feeding

Drove onto Phillip Island for one last time to see Pyramid Rock it has a good lookout at the end of a dirt road.

But first a quick stop to look at the Big Wave.

Phillip Island The Big WavePhillip Island The Big Wave

Then on to Pyramid Rock…

Phillip Island Pyramid RockPhillip Island Pyramid RockPhillip Island Pyramid RockPhillip Island Pyramid RockPhillip Island Pyramid Rock

Back at the caravan park spent the late afternoon enjoying the sunshine. Dismantled the gazebo at about 6pm before walking back to the shopping centre to look for dinner. Strolled across to a sculpture by the bridge before deciding on Thai food again.

San RemoSan Remo

The holiday is nearly over, the next couple of days are going to be taken up with driving home.