29th April–Nullarbor to Caiguna Roadhouse

Distance: 555 km
Fuel: 52 ltr
As usual after a shower packed up and took off west. After about 60km turned off for the first lookout over the Great Australian Bight. Spectacular scenery, towering cliffs.
170429 013 Great Australian Bight Cliffs
More kilometres, more cliffs.
170429 020 Great Australian Bight Cliffs
Crossed the WA border and went through the usual Quarantine check and time change. The latter was just before lunch time so lunch kept getting  further away, I was getting hungry.
Topped up with petrol at a roadhouse for $1.61/ltr, good job I did because at the  Cocklebiddy Roadhouse where I had originally intended to stop it was $1.74. Not impressed with that and the fact that with the clocks going back meant it was only 1pm decided to push on another 70km to Caiguna. A good move fuel was 2c cheaper.

170429 046 Caiguna Signs
Booked in and checked the map – previously I had intended to stay at Norseman for the night before moving on to Kalgoorlie but with the extra 70kms under my belt decided that tomorrow will go straight to Kalgoorlie.
Still no phone reception so used a Telstra pay phone to ring the caravan park to book for two nights (it was a 1800 number)
Still plenty of daylight left so drove to the Caiguna Blowhole about 5km down the road. Not an exciting sight but interesting.
170429 042 Caiguna Blowhole
There was a definite wind coming out of the ground.
170429 039 Caiguna Blowhole
Had a meal at the roadhouse but on the way back to my caravan in the dark had a fall. Silly really normally carry my phone and use it as a torch but because it is useless at the moment left it in the car, Dumbo!

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