10th May 2017–Monkey Mia

Distance: 60 km
Fuel: 26 L

Got up just after 6am, showered, had breakfast and set off for Monkey Mia at about 7.10am to be at Monkey Mia before 7.45am for the dolphins.

Emus wandering through the car park.

We waited for the ranger at the ranger station meanwhile, in the water, so did the dolphins who have, over many years, successfully trained humans to stand in a line at the water’s edge and feed them fish.
170510 002 Monkey Mia170510 004 Monkey Mia
Finally we were allowed down to the waters edge to get closer to the dolphins.
170510 007 Monkey Mia170510 029 Monkey Mia170510 035 Monkey Mia170510 043 Monkey Mia
The ranger told us about the dolphins and the history of Monkey Mia which was quite interesting but I must admit after a while my interest waned somewhat and I wandered off to take other photos
170510 044 Monkey Mia170510 046 Monkey Mia170510 047 Monkey Mia
Even a spider.
170510 053 Monkey Mia
Finally the feeding of the dolphins by selected members of the public.
170510 050 Monkey Mia
It would have been a lot more interesting if it was the feeding of the Tiger Sharks who prey on the dolphins but to be fair I did enjoy it, it just went on too long.
Had a coffee at the restaurant and by the time I finished they were at it again. They feed them up until noon with a minimum 10 minute break between sessions.
I decided to look at other local attractions; I called in to Little Lagoon on the way back. There was a French family parked who were flying a drone watching them passed the time (actually there seem to be a lot of French tourists). The lagoon is circular with a very narrow snake like inlet to the sea.
170510 060 Little Lagoon Shark Bay
Back in Denham during the afternoon it was quite windy and this looked a lot of fun.
170510 069 Denham Wind Surfer
BTW my theory about fuel being more expensive here than on the highway was sort of correct – $1.33 here, $1.32 on the highway. Ummm…

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