19th May 2017–Tom Price to Port Hedland

Distance: 442 km
Fuel: 40 L

Not a bad drive, the first 50km or so was a repeat of the journey to Karijini but once on the Great Northern Highway it was all new.

Stopped a few times to take in the scenery and a break from driving.

170519 001 Tom Price Truck170519 005 Hammersley Range170519 007 Hammersley Range170519 009 Hammersley Range170519 010 Hammersley Range170519 017 Hammersley Range170519 023 Albert Tognolini Lookout170519 026 Albert Tognolini Lookout170519 030 Albert Tognolini Lookout170519 034 Albert Tognolini Lookout

Such old country, beautiful, eroded hills before eventually getting onto the flat coastal plains.

I have never seen so many road trains, overtook dozens and passed dozens more going back to the many mines. Apart from the odd one carrying demountable housing or general goods they were mostly four trailer ore carriers.

I disliked Port Hedland on sight. Funny how some towns appeal to you, Port Hedland is not one of them. Went to the Visitors Centre where,apart from the inevitable town map, they have nothing… no brochure, no self guided walks or tours – you have to wonder the centre’s purpose. Went to the harbour, purely industrial – exporting ore to China.

170519 042 Port Hedland

Ended up going to a cafe for sandwich and coffee before returning to the caravan park. Have no idea what I am going to do tomorrow because there appears to be little here. I am booked in for two nights but might leave tomorrow and break the journey to Broome (over 600km) into two parts.

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