22nd November 2017–Eden and About

Distance: 84Km
Fuel: 51L

Explored Eden and its surrounds today – First stop was a drive to Bega to visit the cheese factory. The interesting thing is that the original ‘factory’ is inside the Heritage Centre and the Heritage Centre itself was once the factory though now it is surrounded by the modern works which employs hundreds of people (judging by the car park). Didn’t buy any cheese because Bega’s ‘Strong and Bitey’ cheese is already in the fridge.

171122 041 Bega Cheese Factory171122 001 Bega Cheese Factory171122 005 Bega Cheese Factory171122 006 Bega Cheese Factory171122 008 Bega Cheese Factory171122 013 Bega Cheese Factory171122 016 Bega Cheese Factory171122 018 Bega Cheese Factory171122 021 Bega Cheese Factory171122 029 Bega Cheese Factory171122 030 Bega Cheese Factory171122 039 Bega Cheese Factory

Had coffee and cheese cake in their cafe though.

Back to Eden and the Killer Whale Museum. Whaling ceased in 1930 but Eden originally was the centre of the east coast whaling industry. The museum contains the skeleton of killer whale ‘Old Tom’ who worked with the whalers to herd whales into Two Fold Bay in return for food rewards.

171122 111 Eden Killer Whale Museum171122 044 Eden Killer Whale Museum171122 059 Eden Killer Whale Museum171122 062 Eden Killer Whale Museum171122 068 Eden Killer Whale Museum171122 084 Eden Killer Whale Museum171122 085 Eden Killer Whale Museum171122 087 Eden Killer Whale Museum171122 095 Eden Killer Whale Museum

Made a quick trip to Eden Wharf followed by an equally quick visit to the look out over looking Two Fold Bay.

171122 118 Eden Wharf171122 119 Eden Wharf171122 122 Eden Wharf171122 133 Eden Lookout171122 134 Eden Lookout171122 136 Eden Lookout

Somewhere I have never visited before is Ben Boyd Tower originally conceived as a private lighthouse by a whaler in the 1840s. It was just visible from the Eden lookout across the bay. Click on the photo for a larger version.

171122 138 Eden Lookout

It was never used as a lighthouse but was used as a lookout to see whales as they made their way up and down the coast. It gave those whalers the jump on their rivals.

171122 156 Ben Boyd Tower and NP171122 163 Ben Boyd Tower and NP171122 165 Ben Boyd Tower and NP171122 166 Ben Boyd Tower and NP171122 170 Ben Boyd Tower and NP171122 178 Ben Boyd Tower and NP171122 181 Ben Boyd Tower and NP171122 186 Ben Boyd Tower and NP171122 191 Ben Boyd Tower and NP

On the walk to the tower I came across this rather nice goanna who didn’t seem at all worried by my presence. I’d guess he was a bit under 2 metres from head to tail.

171122 152 Ben Boyd Tower and NP171122 154 Ben Boyd Tower and NP

Talking of native animals the caravan park sems to get visitors just before dusk who seem to prefer the grass,

171122 214 Eden Gateway Park

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