3rd May 2018–Around Cooktown

Distance:12 km
Fuel: 31 L

Went to the information office at the Cooktown Botanical Gardens before 9am  basically to see when they were open. They weren’t open until 10am so went for a short drive down to Finch Bay for a stroll along the sands of this nearby bay.

180503 002 Cooktown Finch Bay180503 004 Cooktown Finch Bay180503 006 Cooktown Finch Bay180503 007 Cooktown Finch Bay180503 011 Cooktown Finch Bay180503 013 Cooktown Finch Bay

Next stop the James Cook Museum to see the recovered anchor and a cannon (one of six) jettisoned when the HMB Endeavour ran aground on a reef in June 1770. They were only discovered in the 1970s.

180503 040 James Cook Museum Cooktown

The museum is housed in the original convent of The Sisters of Mercy who were evacuated inland during WWII and never returned.

180503 014 James Cook Museum Cooktown Endeavours Cannon180503 037 James Cook Museum Cooktown180503 015 James Cook Museum Cooktown Endeavours Anchor180503 018 James Cook Museum Cooktown Endeavours Anchor180503 020 James Cook Museum Cooktown180503 030 James Cook Museum Cooktown180503 023 James Cook Museum Cooktown180503 027 James Cook Museum Cooktown180503 021 James Cook Museum Cooktown180503 024 James Cook Museum Cooktown180503 026 James Cook Museum Cooktown180503 031 James Cook Museum Cooktown180503 033 James Cook Museum Cooktown180503 036 James Cook Museum Cooktown Endeavours Anchor

Back to the Botanic Gardens information bureau to find out about boat or plane trips. Bad news! a cruise ship is arriving off the coast today and all the local boats are booked for that. They took my phone number in case of cancellation but I heard nothing back. Similar story with the helicopter flights I put my name down for any party that needed a single to make up the numbers, the organiser told me that they have few flights this early in the season but if they had one they would call.

Very disappointing but I want to go back to Atherton tomorrow because it is the best chance of good weather in that area.

Had the local fish and chips at the Captain Cook’s Landing Place Kiosk; to be honest the chips were fine but the fish was only so so. Actually I remember when I first came to northern Queensland in the mid/late 1960s I stopped buying fish because it seemed to be a different colour depending on where you bought it – anything from yellow to red to grey and many shades in between.

180503 043 Cooktown180503 044 Cooktown180503 045 Cooktown180503 047 Cooktown180503 050 Cooktown180503 056 Cooktown Endeavours Beaching Cairn180503 053 Cooktown Endeavours Beaching Cairn180503 054 Cooktown Endeavours Beaching Cairn

The weather was lovely today – sunshine most of the day, it rained for a few minutes early in the morning but then the clouds just vanished and soon the temperature was about 29’C. The humidity was pretty good too, higher than I am used to but with the sea breeze it very bearable – I would guess 60 to 70% perhaps? I enjoyed walking about the town.

180503 066 Cooktown Caravan Park180503 062 Cooktown Brush Turkey

The sunset was magnificent – the photo doesn’t even begin to cover it.

180503 068 Cooktown Sunset

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