5th May 2018–To Herberton and Beyond…

Distance: 147 Km
Fuel: 47 L

Hou Wang Temple

At 9am arrived at the Old Atherton Post Office Art Gallery.

180505 051 Old Atherton Post Office180505 003 Hou Wang Temple

Visited the Chinatown exhibition first before being taken out to the Temple (built in 1903). It is made of wood clad in corrugated iron – the temple’s internal walls are Red Cedar as are the meeting rooms walls, the remaining walls are unlined  iron walls so it must have boiled in summer especially the kitchen.

180505 002 Hou Wang Temple180505 005 Hou Wang Temple180505 006 Hou Wang Temple180505 008 Hou Wang Temple180505 039 Hou Wang Temple180505 010 Hou Wang Temple180505 012 Hou Wang Temple180505 043 Hou Wang Temple180505 013 Hou Wang Temple180505 015 Hou Wang Temple180505 021 Hou Wang Temple180505 022 Hou Wang Temple180505 025 Hou Wang Temple180505 026 Hou Wang Temple180505 028 Hou Wang Temple180505 030 Hou Wang Temple180505 032 Hou Wang Temple180505 033 Hou Wang Temple180505 038 Pig Roasting Oven180505 046 Hou Wang Temple

Interesting to compare the Fong On Rd as it was in 1912 and as it is now.

180505 047 Hou Wang Temple180505 048 Hou Wang Temple


Herberton was originally the major town in the area because of the mining activities, Atherton was just a staging post on the way.

Herberton has an historic village which I presume is like Old Sydney Town (as was). I didn’t go. I went to the Spy and Camera Museum which was very interesting. A collection originally started by a local who was a cold war spy now taken over by the local photographer.

180505 052 Herbertson180505 055 Herbertson180505 056 Herbertson180505 058 Herbertson180505 060 Herbertson180505 063 Herbertson180505 068 Herbertson

Millaa Millaa

I had intended to have lunch at Millaa Millaa but instead when on the “Millaa Millaa Falls Drive’ which took in three of the local waterfalls – I didn’t go swimming.

180505 081 Millaa Millaa180505 080 Millaa Millaa

Millaa Millaa Falls

180505 085 Millaa Millaa Falls180505 087 Millaa Millaa Falls

Zillie Falls

180505 090 Zillie Falls180505 092 Zillie Falls

Ellinjaa Falls

180505 102 Ellinjaa Falls180505 110 Ellinjaa Falls180505 116 Ellinjaa Falls

Nerada Tea Shop and Visitor Centre

I saw the sign as I neared Malanda so turned off and followed the back roads to the plantation. The tea looked very healthy but the Visitor Centre? Closed Saturday and Sunday… I shall be buying Bushells from now on.

180505 117 Nerada Tea Plantation180505 118 Nerada Tea Plantation180505 122 Nerada Tea Plantation180505 142 On the Road to Nerada Tea Plantation


I had a late lunch in Malanda at the ‘Original’ Cafe. The coffee was fine, the chips were fine, the hamburger ordinary (and I had to pick the beetroot out).

Malanda Falls

180505 125 Malanda Falls180505 128 Malanda Falls180505 132 Malanda Falls180505 130 Malanda Falls

These falls have been turned into the local swimming pool as well as a tourist attraction and they were very close to town.

Back in Atherton I filled up with fuel ready for tomorrow and returned late afternoon to the caravan park. On the way I came across the Atherton War Cemetery.

180505 137 Atherton War Cemetery180505 139 Atherton War Cemetery

Yes, it did rain for about 5 minutes around midday today but after a cloudy morning it turned out to be a very enjoyable day.

180505 143 On the Road to Nerada Tea Plantation

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