7th May 2018–Hughenden

Distance:  284 km

Only about 250km to travel today so no rush to set off. Nowhere to stop on the way because today is a Queensland Labour Day public holiday so everything is shut. It was a pleasant drive under a cloudless sky

Stopped at White Mountain NP Lookout for the view and to stretch my legs.

180507 019 White Mountains180507 009 White Mountains180507 013 White Mountains180507 018 White Mountains

Arrived in Hughenden at about midday, found the caravan park and checked in for a couple of nights. Because it was so early thought I might as well take the opportunity to wash my dirty clothes – didn’t need to but good opportunity.

Afterwards I went for a drive to look round the town.

180507 028 Hughenden180507 030 Hughenden180507 058 Hughenden180507 048 Hughenden180507 064 Hughenden180507 070 Hughenden

Doing the Time Warp…

180507 032 Hughenden180507 034 Hughenden

Big surprise – the Tourist Info and Dinosaur Museum is open. Hughenden was the site of the second discovery of a fossilised Muttaburrasaurus. The Museum was only $5 entry and the girl was most helpful – giving me brochures about the Gorge I want to visit tomorrow.

180507 056 Hughenden180507 036 Hughenden180507 038 Hughenden180507 039 Hughenden180507 044 Hughenden180507 045 Hughenden

After the museum there is still plenty of daylight left so I took a drive to Mount Walker which is supposed to have 360’ views over the area. Once at the top you could believe that once the area was beneath the Eromanga Sea which stretched from the Gulf of Carpentaria to Lake Eyre in SA. The surrounding land is very flat. The sea existed during the Cretaceous Period when Australia was about to separate from Antarctica; a few years before Cook arrived.

180507 074 Mount Walker Hughenden180507 077 Mount Walker Hughenden180507 078 Mount Walker Hughenden180507 082 Mount Walker Hughenden180507 092 Mount Walker HughendenCar Mount Walker180507 098 Mount Walker Hughenden180507 099 Mount Walker Hughenden

On the return from the lookout came across a razorback that must have been run over by the local drunks.

180507 102 Razorback Hughenden

Now it was nearly sunset so took a drive to a local Chinese Restaurant which seemed to be the only other place open in town. Bought a Chilli Squid and fried rice meal back to the caravan park to have with a beer. A nice end to an interesting day.

180507 108 Hughenden Caravan Park180507 109 Hughenden Caravan Park

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