Langkawi–Part 1

30th and 31st August 2018

30th August 2018

Took the ferry from Kuala Perlis to Langkawi for a few days visit. I have visited before but that was many years ago.

Langkawi Ferry from Kuala PerlisLangkawi Ferry from Kuala Perlis

The 31st August is Malaysia’s national day so the flags were out and the ferry was full.

The journey is only 1 hour which means it was too early to check in at the hotel so a visit to the Hot Springs fills in a bit of time.

Langkawi Hot SpringsLangkawi Hot SpringsView from Langkawi Hot Springs 

The water is certainly warm but the place had a bit of a run down look to it however at 5RM ($1.50) entry you can’t complain too much.

On the way back to Kuah we called in at the Galeria Perdana which is a Dr Mahathir Museum. Dr Mahathir is much revered in his Kedah state.

Galeria PerdanaGaleria PerdanaGaleria PerdanaGaleria Perdana

The museum was full of gifts from his time as Prime Minister of Malaysia – There was so many precious objects but my el cheapo camera was not up to the task of photographing them. According to the brochure the collection is 9000 items but they only display about 2000 at a time so the display constantly changes.

Had lunch at a Malay seafood restaurant which was a buffet style place – something I hadn’t come across before. You took what you wanted and they came around and charged you afterwards. Lovely food.

Kak Yan Nasi Campur Restaurant

Checked in at the hotel, then in the evening visited Eagle Square to see the massive statue and the sunset.

Eagle SquareEagle SquareEagle SquareSunset from Eagle Square

31st August 2018

The major visit today was to the SkyCab.


A cable car takes you up into the mountains. Being the Malaysia’s National Day it was going to be very busy so we arrived early to avoid the rush when the day trippers from the mainland arrived.


At the top the view was terrific. Below you was the Sky Bridge, allegedly the longest curved bridge in the world. To get there you could pay a few ringgit for a little railway or you could walk down for free (we chose the little railway).

Little Railway SkycabLittle Railway SkycabSky BridgeSky BridgeSky BridgeView From Sky BridgeSky BridgeView From Sky Bridge

Once back down from the cable car there were a number of lesser attractions included in the entrance fee – one was the 3D Museum. The 3D museum was basically a photo op with some spectacularly large pictures as a backdrop.

180831 157 Langkawi 3D Museum

Back to the hotel to recover followed by an evening meal involving beer and coconuts. Good day out.

Evening Meal

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