Port MacDonnell

5th March 2019

Distance: 88km
Fuel: 9L

The weather was forecast to be showery and so it was but only brief showers of a few minutes interspersed with sunshine.

Port MacDonnell

Drove the 25km to Port MacDonnell (the southernmost town in South Australia) and paid a visit to the Tourist information office which was also the local library and Maritime Museum.

Opposite were some large murals.

Port MacDonnellPort MacDonnell

The museum was quite interesting showing the local history but as a maritime museum it was a bit tedious being a history of ship wrecks along the coast including one which resulted in 89 deaths

Port MacDonnell Maritime MuseumPort MacDonnell Maritime MuseumPort MacDonnell Maritime MuseumPort MacDonnell Maritime Museum

Next door to the museum was the old Customs House with a German WWII mine in the courtyard – the Germans mined the sea route from Adelaide to Melbourne.

Port MacDonnellPort MacDonnell

Next visit was to the site of the old lighthouse with its spectacular coastal views.

Port MacDonnellPort MacDonnellPort MacDonnellPort MacDonnellPort MacDonnellPort MacDonnell

Had intended to drive along the coast but the road suddenly ended and the sat nav showed the route via Mount Gambier which seemed a bit of a waste of time.

Stopped at Mount Schank one of the many local extinct volcanos, there was a path to the rim. It was pretty steep but the views made it worth the effort.

Mt Schank VolcanoMt Schank VolcanoMt Schank VolcanoMt Schank VolcanoMt Schank Volcano

Funny thing was that the sound of a herd of cows a few kms away sounded as if it was next door.

Mt Schank VolcanoMt Schank Volcano

Returned to the caravan park after topping up with fuel and doing a bit of shopping.

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