13th October 2019–Bright

Distance: 119 Km
Fuel: 13 L

Got a load of washing done before breakfast because today has only limited chance of rain according to BOM apart from the top of Mt Buffalo it was slightly warmer today though still jumper weather.

Mt Buffalo

According to the Bright area guide the Mount Buffalo lookout was worth a visit to that was our first stop. It was 20km of winding mountain road until we reached the lookout.

Mt Buffalo RdMt Buffalo Rd

The road markings were yellow so I presume we were above the snow line. It has to be said that it was worth the drive, there were several lookouts and the views were spectacular.

Mt Buffalo Lookout

Mt Buffalo LookoutMt Buffalo LookoutMt Buffalo LookoutMt Buffalo LookoutMt Buffalo LookoutMt Buffalo Lookout

Mt Buffalo Lookout


Bright is a nice little town without the history of Beechworth. We had our lunch at the Gum Tree Pies, their pies were excellent.

BrightBrightBrightBright Ovens RiverBright Ovens RiverBright

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