17th October 2019–Red Cliffs

Distance: 246 Km

A cold, sunny, windy morning, all the rain has departed, we are on the move today but only a couple of hours north west to Red Cliffs (near Mildura). No rush having breakfast, showering and packing up. The gazebo was already packed so it was really only the chairs, table and TV aerial to be stowed. Ran out of things to do by 9.30am so set off, cutting across country on minor roads. Stopped twice – once to stretch our legs and once at the Quarantine Bin to dump an uneaten banana.

The Red Cliffs Caravan Park is on the highway so it wasn’t hard to find, checked in and set up on a quite nice site away from the road next to a vineyard.

Red Cliffs Caravan Park

According to the local tourist guide there is an interpretive walk near the pumping station on the river and a board walk to view the red cliffs on/of the river bank which gave to town its name. Found neither… Did find the pumping station which was behind high, locked fences and the car park where the board walk was supposed to commence. In the end I scrambled along a difficult track and did get a glimpse of the cliffs (I think) but it looked as if the whole area was neglected and only used by dirt bikes.

Red CliffsRed CliffsRed CliffsRed CliffsRed Cliffs walkRed CliffsRed Cliffs Murray RiverRed Cliffs Murray RiverRed Cliffs Murray River

After this fiasco drove back to Red Cliffs shopping centre to see the mural on the water tower and Big Lizzie. The latter is an amazing 100 year old engine used to clear the Mallee scrub for agriculture, it had a single cylinder, 60hp oil engine, was enormous and moved at 2mph!

Big LizzieBig Lizzie191017 037 Red Cliffs Big LizzieBig LizzieBig LizzieBig LizzieBarclay Square Red CliffsRed Cliffs Water Tower MuralRed Cliffs Water Tower Mural

BTW there is a dog show on locally so there are lots of posh looking thoroughbred dogs around the park.

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