20th October 2019–To Ballarat

Distance: 461 km
Fuel: 38 L

Packing up was easy this morning – took a quick trip to the local shops for milk but once the TV aerial had been dismantled and breakfast eaten there was not much to do apart from stowing the chairs, cleaning the mats and preparing some food for the journey. We were on the road just after 9am.

According to the weather forecast warmer weather will arrive for South East Victoria by the middle of the week so instead of  heading north to a very warm, dry Broken Hill we were driving south along the Calder and Sunraysia Highways to Ballarat.

Not a lot to report today as there was a long distance to cover so we only made brief stops to stretch our legs or for toilet breaks – rest stops were pretty inhospitable being generally bare dirt without even a table or rubbish bin. What started off as a cloudless, sunny day in Red Cliffs became an overcast, cold day in Ballarat – I think it was 12’C when we arrived but the forecast is for warmer days to come and that gusty wind has been left behind.

Between Red Cliffs and BallaratBetween Red Cliffs and Ballarat

Arrived at a caravan park mid afternoon, paid for two nights and settled in. The park is a bit run down but quite adequate There is a covered BBQ area behind our site so no need for the gazebo, not that there is any sun anyway.

Ballarat Shady Acres Caravan Park

Dinner tonight was the rice, potato, tomato and bacon prepared before setting out this morning. Too cold for an evening shower!

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