Starting a Winter Trip

Distance: 610km
Fuel: 62L

The first few days of this trip were spent in Canberra visiting my kids. On the way I stopped at Lake George to see if it had any water left as from the road it seems to mainly contain sheep. From the lookout there was a little water in the distance.

Lake George Lookout

As for my vehicle it looked much the same too.

Car at Lake George Lookout

What about this trip?

My daughter and I hope to visit Camerons Corner, the place where the borders of NSW, Queensland and South Australia join. The success of this trip relies on the weather. Particularly the lack of rain.

Her car is a Suzuki Jimny a very small four wheel drive, she and her husband do a lot of camping so she is well equipped with swag, sleeping bag etc. The car is equipped with a very sophisticated awning that covers nearly three sides of the car.

The first day of our trip was from Canberra to Narrandera, slightly over 350 kms. We only stopped briefly in Junee just for a snack and to stretch our legs so we arrived at the camp site just after 3pm.

Rather than cooking we went to the local RSL for a very nice meal, refueled the car and, after a chat, to bed.

Lake Talbot Caravan Park

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