Lazing in Broken Hill

26 to 27th May 2021

Distance: 19 km
Fuel: 55L

Discovering that my son was able to join us on this trip meant a hasty rearrangement of our plans. He would arrive on the afternoon of the 27th May (Thursday) after driving the 1300km from Sydney in two days (rather him that me).

Apart from some shopping for the next few days until we return to Broken Hill and some very nice food at a local cafe my daughter and I did nothing, saving the sightseeing for our return from Tibooburra. I don’t think I have ever done this while travelling and it was a pleasant change just to sit around and  read or drink tea and beer while watching the activities of fellow campers.

 Broken HillBroken Hill

Andrew arrived about 3pm on an unpowered site right next to us which was convenient. We spent a very pleasant evening together.

Lake View Caravan Park Broken Hill

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