Grafton to Wauchope

3rd November 2022

Distance: 247 Km
Fuel: 27 L

Went for a walk early just for the exercise, it was a lovely sunny morning and there was no need to set off early as we only had about 250km to drive to get to Wauchope.


The drive was mostly back down the route we travelled up on but instead of heading east toward Port Macquarie we drove inland to Wauchope.

Checked into the motel early and went for a walk into the town, quite a nice shopping centre with an IGA where we bought some snacks. It is a fairly typical small Australian town of about 7000 people.

Wauchope Motel

In the evening strolled down to Wauchope Country Club for a meal and a couple of beers.

Wauchope Clock TowerWauchope

The town has an RSL Club too but the Country Club was only a few minutes walk away.

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