Tanah Rata

19th May 2023

A day to write off. On the way to breakfast came across a massive moth or butterfly in the hallway, upon our return someone had trodden on it.

230519 001 Tanah Rata Cameron Highlands Malaysia

Had intended to visit a couple of waterfalls but for various reasons the roads to them were blocked off!

Ended up spending some time in the local park and walking round the local soccer field.

Coronation ParkCoronation ParkCoronation ParkCoronation ParkCoronation ParkCoronation Park

Later some shopping for some clothes to save on washing and had lunch at a place in a relatively new shopping centre which for years had been a concrete skeleton after the Asian Financial Crisis. The meal was quite nice and fairly cheap in a newly opened restaurant near the Old Town Coffee shop, it was basically a Nasi Lemak with calamari and shrimp crackers but OK none the less.

230519 018 Meal Tanah Rata Cameron Highlands Malaysia

In the evening had a Paper Thosai at the usual Indian restaurant with Teh Tarik the cost was RM18 for the two of us ($6)

Paper Thosai

Have to pack tonight as we are on the move tomorrow.

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