14th May 2017–Carnarvon to Onslow

Distance: 498.1 Km

A warning…

170513 002 Carnarvon Sign

I have about 35 litres of water and 20 litres of fuel plus a full tank on board so all should be well.

Tom Tom reminded me this is not going to be a complex journey. (Turn left in 406 km)


For a few hundred k’s the landscape wasn’t complex either but first we finally arrive in the tropics.


It’s a flat dry land with termite mounds as far as the eye could see until, at last, some variation with some ridges and hills.


After the turn off to Onslow some salt pans and signs of industry.

Arrived at the caravan park mid afternoon, checked in, parked and went for a walk.


Almost adjacent to my camp site is the beach and a small park with an odd combination of memorials.

Of course the ANZAC Memorial which apparently faces the rising sun. I hope to be up early enough to check this out in the morning.


Then a tribute to a couple of local fishing boats lost at sea (during a cyclone?)


I have to say the following one struck me as really odd.



Finally a bronze showing where we are.


Then it was a stroll into town, past the pub, General Store (I bought an ice cream), not one but two service stations, the council chamber and the town’s library with it’s own public art.


There was more…


As I returned past the pub I heard some loud voices and laughter (not much) but a WA Police paddy wagon came round the corner. As they stopped outside a young fella just opened the police car’s back door and got in. The policeman got out, opened the paddy wagon door and told the fella to get out of the back seat and into the paddy wagon part which he did, the policeman got back in and drove off. It was the politest and most low key disturbance I have ever seen.

12th May 2017–Carnarvon Capers

Distance: 206 Km
Fuel: 33 L

Out and about by 8.30am. Straight to I Mile Jetty to walk it before the day warmed up. I paid my $5 to be able to go on it at the honesty box near the beginning of the wharf.

170512 001 Carnarvon 1 Mile Wharf

170512 003 Carnarvon 1 Mile Wharf

170512 010 Carnarvon 1 Mile Wharf170512 008 Carnarvon 1 Mile Wharf

It was a long walk but worth it; you seem a long way off shore; there is a problem at the end – it seems to be in danger of collapse.

170512 011 Carnarvon 1 Mile Wharf170512 005 Carnarvon 1 Mile Wharf

Near the start of the wharf were some relics.

170512 022 Carnarvon 1 Mile Wharf

This is the anchor of the cargo ship Korean Star which ran aground in 1988 during Cyclone “Herbie” and broke up. The crew were rescued by flying fox within 45 minutes.

170512 025 Carnarvon 1 Mile Wharf

Back to the main part of town to see where the 3km of tramline to the wharf once started.

170512 033 Carnarvon Tramway Bridge170512 039 Carnarvon Tramway Bridge170512 042 Carnarvon Tramway Bridge

Next up I took a 75km drive to Blowhole Point and Quobba, didn’t see a blowhole but did see some terrific scenery and beaches.

170512 053 Blowhole Point170512 056 Blowhole Point170512 059 Blowhole Point170512 062 Blowhole Point

170512 064 Blowhole Point

170512 078 Blowhole Point Lighthouse

Don’t you hate overcrowded  beaches? Somebody got there first.

170512 066 Blowhole Point

Drove for Ks over the worst dirt road for the biggest disappointment of the day. The cairn erected to HMAS Sydney II. It is pathetic and serves absolutely no useful purpose.

170512 073 HMAS Sydney II Cairn Quobba170512 068 HMAS Sydney II Cairn Quobba

Returned to Carnarvon to visit the OTC Space Museum. The OTC Earth Station had some duties tracking and transferring data on the Apollo Missions. To be honest it was not clear what. Until Earth Stations were built at Ceduna and Moree Carnarvon also transmitted video and telecomms traffic via satellite to the UK and the USA. The dish is obsolete now but right next door is the NBN satellite earth station.

170512 088 Carnarvon OTC Space Museum170512 090 Carnarvon OTC Space Museum170512 096 Carnarvon OTC Space Museum170512 101 Carnarvon OTC Space Museum170512 103 Carnarvon OTC Space Museum170512 104 Carnarvon OTC Space Museum

170512 113 Carnarvon OTC Space Museum

My car sheltering in the shade of the dish.

170512 122 Carnarvon OTC Space Museum

It was still only mid afternoon so I drove around Carnarvon enjoying the sights and taking a walk along the Fascine.

170512 129 Carnarvon170512 134 Carnarvon170512 137 Carnarvon170512 139 Carnarvon170512 140 Carnarvon

Unfortunately the one thing I could not find was a seafood restaurant that served all day. Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

I do like Carnarvon, it quite appeals to me as a town.

Finally one last photo, The town is on the Gascoyne Delta named after the river that flows to the sea here. This is the mighty Gascoyne River in full flood.

170512 047 Carnarvon Gascoyne River

Apparently it is like that most of the time, the exception being when a northern cyclone turns into a rain depression and dumps a lot of water into the river’s catchment then it can become several kilometres wide.

7th May 2017–Foreign Parts

Distance: 235.3 km
Fuel: 39 L

Today I left Australia and visited the Principality of Hutt River Province. Prince Leonard served me and sold me postcards and a stubbie holder in the Government building. Prince Graeme provided me with a visa for $4 at the Post Office. It was an interesting visit.


Prince Leonard was very nice, here he is putting my purchases in a bag for me.

Natures Window

I was ready to look at a local landmark called Natures Window Alas the road is closed for maintenance until July (they are gold plating it).


Here is a picture of what I would have seen had it been open.

More Scenery

Drove up to Red Bluff to admire the views and see the Zuytdorp Memorial – a Dutch ship wrecked here in about 1712. There were survivors but what became of them is not known.

170507 040 Red Bluff Zuytdorp Memorial


Finally… Bird Watching

It’s well known that I am an avid bird watcher so today I visited Rainbow Jungle to see what we bird watchers call “parrots” (or not, as the case may be).

Winking smile


5th May 2017–Explore Geraldton

Distance: 28 km
Fuel: 20 L

After having a shower decided to hand wash my dirty clothes in the park’s laundry. Once that was on the line, had breakfast and was ready to explore by 8am.

First stop the HMAS Sydney II Memorial. The ship was sunk in 1941 with the loss of all hands, the wreck was only discovered in 2008 (I think that is right).

170505 002 Geraldton HMAS Sydney II Memorial

170505 004 Geraldton HMAS Sydney II Memorial

170505 007 Geraldton HMAS Sydney II Memorial170505 011 Geraldton HMAS Sydney II Memorial

Visited the Old Gaol but it didn’t open until a very tardy 10am.

170505 018 Geraldton Old Police Station

Found the Visitors’ Centre. It was housed in what was the original Railway Station. Rather like Newcastle (on Hunter) the railway cut the town off from the sea front but now the railway has gone and the seafront is very pleasant to walk along. Wonderful for kids I have never seen such exotic playgrounds as those scattered along the esplanade.

170505 037 Geraldton Old Railway Station

Talking of kid’s playgrounds but of a different era… Beside the Visitors’ Centre was an object I haven’t seen since I was a kid – actually it took me a little while to realise what it was.

170505 019 Geraldton Old Roundabout

Recognise it? It’s one of those roundabouts suspended from a central pivot (here rendered safe and useless by the metal pillars under the seats). I don’t think I have ever seen one in that hexagonal shape before, the ones I remember were circular and swung in eccentric circles toward and away from the central pillar depending on the arrangement of riders. They were great.

Anyway back to Geraldton… from the Visitors’ Centre I obtained a map and a self guided trail brochure. I combined the Esplanade and Marine Drive Trails for an interesting walk along the waterfront and the town.

170505 030 Geraldton Waterfront

170505 037 Geraldton Old Railway Station170505 039 Geraldton

170505 040 Geraldton170505 041 Geraldton

170505 045 Geraldton170505 047 Geraldton Waterfront

170505 051 Geraldton Waterfront170505 055 Geraldton Waterfront

Finally a walk further into town to look at the St Francis Xavier’s Cathedral.

170505 058 Geraldton St Francis Xavier's Cathedral

170505 060 Geraldton St Francis Xavier's Cathedral170505 062 Geraldton St Francis Xavier's Cathedral

170505 066 Geraldton St Francis Xavier's Cathedral170505 073 Geraldton St Francis Xavier's Cathedral

The weather was very variable all day sometimes cloudy sometimes sunny but at least always warm at about 29’C. Quite a good day seemed to get a lot done. Also looked at Fisherman’s Wharf later in the afternoon but frankly, unless you have a fetish for expensive seafood, it wasn’t that exciting.

Anyway tomorrow onward and northward.