14th May 2017–Carnarvon to Onslow

Distance: 498.1 Km

A warning…

170513 002 Carnarvon Sign

I have about 35 litres of water and 20 litres of fuel plus a full tank on board so all should be well.

Tom Tom reminded me this is not going to be a complex journey. (Turn left in 406 km)


For a few hundred k’s the landscape wasn’t complex either but first we finally arrive in the tropics.


It’s a flat dry land with termite mounds as far as the eye could see until, at last, some variation with some ridges and hills.


After the turn off to Onslow some salt pans and signs of industry.

Arrived at the caravan park mid afternoon, checked in, parked and went for a walk.


Almost adjacent to my camp site is the beach and a small park with an odd combination of memorials.

Of course the ANZAC Memorial which apparently faces the rising sun. I hope to be up early enough to check this out in the morning.


Then a tribute to a couple of local fishing boats lost at sea (during a cyclone?)


I have to say the following one struck me as really odd.



Finally a bronze showing where we are.


Then it was a stroll into town, past the pub, General Store (I bought an ice cream), not one but two service stations, the council chamber and the town’s library with it’s own public art.


There was more…


As I returned past the pub I heard some loud voices and laughter (not much) but a WA Police paddy wagon came round the corner. As they stopped outside a young fella just opened the police car’s back door and got in. The policeman got out, opened the paddy wagon door and told the fella to get out of the back seat and into the paddy wagon part which he did, the policeman got back in and drove off. It was the politest and most low key disturbance I have ever seen.

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