In New Territory

25th April 2017 Port Augusta to Port Lincoln

Distance: 379km
Fuel: 45Ltr

Signs of the Time


I had to visit Iron Knob. In the 15 minutes of a geography lesson at school when I was taught all about Australia Iron Knob was one of the few places that got a mention so I had to see it.


After a brief look round (it is not an exciting town) it was on to Kimba.


Kimba is not that exciting either but it does have a pie shop and a Big Galah. I enjoyed a quite reasonable steak and kidney pie (no sauce, thanks) and stretched my legs before moving on. I had intended to visit a signposted lookout but I was 20kms down the road before I remembered; I hope it was a disappointment.


I was thinking of stay at Tumby Bay for the night but after a reasonable morning of sunshine with a few clouds the weather turned nasty. Tumby Bay was wet and miserable so it was another 30 minutes of driving to Port Lincoln where I booked into the caravan park for a couple of nights.

My fuel consumption it has rocketed, used over half a tank to travel 380km – without the trailer a tank lasts over 700km, I expected to use more fuel but not quite this much. Will have to see how it goes tomorrow without the caravan and might have a look underneath to see if I have sprung a leak.

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