2nd May 2017–Kalgoorlie to Hyden

Distance: 509 km
Fuel: 38 ltr

Got to say that stopping for milk in Coolgardie made me wish I had stayed there instead of Kalgoorlie, looked an interesting town. Anyway…

Another day another pit, this time at Coolgardie.

170502 002 Coolgardie

Coolgardie had some wonderful buildings – a reminder of better days.

170502 010 Coolgardie

On the way came across part of the Rabbit Proof Fence.

170502 012 Rabbit Proof Fence

170502 016

Finally arrived at Wave Rock.

170502 029 Hyden Wave Rock

Lots of Chinese enjoying the rock.

170502 027 Hyden Wave Rock

Walked 1.4km to Hippo Yawn

170502 041 Hyden Wave Rock Hippo Yawn

Finally climbed the rock itself which gave terrific views of the area which glowed in the setting sun.

170502 064 Hyden Wave Rock

The rock is also the catchment for the town’s water supply.

170502 072 Hyden Wave Rock

170502 069 Hyden Wave Rock

Considering I was in two minds about coming here I am glad that I did.

BTW: Have travelled about 4700km so far on this trip.

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