8th May 2017–Kalbarri to Denham

Distance: 391 Km
Fuel: 24 L

Today is a straight drive to Denham with the intention to visit Monkey Mia and see the feeding of the dolphins.

On the way stopped for fuel having decided that fuel was probably cheaper at a roadhouse on the main (only) highway than some small town off the main road. This is as yet an untested theory.

On the way turned off to Hamelin Pool to see the Telegraph Station and the local microbialites and stromatolites – it’s all to do with microscopic life that form communities; thousands of species of bacteria and microbes that make up every few millimetres of these microbial mats. Anyway this is what they look like:

170508 002 Hamelin Pool170508 004 Hamelin Pool170508 011 Hamelin Pool170508 016 Hamelin Pool170508 019 Hamelin Pool170508 022 Hamelin Pool170508 028 Hamelin Pool

I booked into Denham for 2 nights but I might have to extend that because I noticed a problem with my car which I want to get fixed before anything else.

170508 037 Tyre Problem

The right front tyre has scrubbed out badly.

170508 039 Denham

…and it’s goodnight from me.

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