15th May 2017 – New & Old

Distance: 96 km
Fuel: 54 L

Up early… and yes, the sun rises within the ANZAC Badge.

170515 003 Onslow Dawn

Went for an early morning walk on the Onslow boardwalk along the waterfront.

170515 013 Onslow Boardwalk

From it you caught glimpses of the two local industries – salt mining and LNG export.

170515 021 Onslow Boardwalk170515 019 Onslow Boardwalk

170515 026 Onslow Boardwalk170515 025 Onslow Boardwalk

I wanted to see the old town. After a long drive along a dirt road beside the Ashburton River…

170515 046 Old Onslow Ashburton River170515 047 Old Onslow Ashburton River

…I got close. Actually I didn’t find any old buildings but there was the town’s cemetery.

170515 035 Old Onslow Cemetary170515 040 Old Onslow Cemetary170515 042 Old Onslow Cemetary170515 043 Old Onslow Cemetary

It was amazing how young the people were when they died; mostly in their thirties or forties very few were over fifty, It must have been a hard life a century ago.

On the other hand, when I got back to new Onslow I was pretty hungry so called into the only pub for a meal.

170515 050 Onslow

Funny thing, I asked for a schooner of beer but they only sold pints or middies. Never come across that before, silly really because I would have bought two schooners but not two pints (I had to drive to get fuel)

At 9.30pm the power went out so I had to upload this using candle power. (The bit about the power going off is true)

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