14th March 2018 – Cootamundra

Distance: 355km

Have decided to take a few days away from the dreary coast with its grey skies and humidity.

180314 001 Cootamundra

Driving along the Hume Hwy it was cloudy until I passed the Federal Hwy  turn off then the sun came out and from then on it just got  brighter and warmer until I arrived in Coota when it was about 30’C.

Along the way my satnav took me via Jugiong rather than the more normal route via Harden but I don’t mind these variations. Certainly there is little traffic and you get to see a lot of farmland or bush but, despite the satnavs ideas, they are not quicker routes  because they are usually narrower and winding so you rarely can stay on the speed limit. However I enjoy the variety.

180314 019 Cootamundra

Set up the camper and went for a walk down the main street which was only a short walk from the caravan park. The Ex Services Club looked inviting so I called in for a beer.

180314 005 Cootamundra180314 006 Cootamundra180314 010 Cootamundra180314 013 Cootamundra180314 017 Cootamundra180314 021 Cootamundra

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