15 March 2018–Jerilderie

Distance: 267 km
Fuel: 65L


Cold Night

After a fairly hot day the temperature got down to the mid teens during the night I woke up cold and had to get under my summer doona.

Woke at about 7am just as the the sun was rising, Put on a cardigan  which was adequate while I had a breakfast of cereal and coffee followed by a hot shower.

180315 035 Cootamundra Captains Walk

No rush to leave so I went for a walk along the banks of a very dry creek, then into town again followed by a look at “Captains Walk” – Don Bradman was born in Cootamundra.

180315 003 Cootamundra180315 008 Cootamundra180315 024 Cootamundra180315 014 Cootamundra180315 018 Cootamundra180315 026 Cootamundra180315 030 Cootamundra Captains Walk180315 032 Cootamundra Captains Walk

On the road again

Set off after 9am for a fairly leisurely drive to Jerilderie. The land is very dry and desperately needs rain.

180315 096 Dash Cam Pics180315 098 Dash Cam Pics

Didn’t stop in Junee as it was not that long ago that I last visited the town nor did I stop at Lockhart for the same reason however I did go into Unara where I had intended to have a coffee but it seemed to be a struggling town with only a grocery store, a pub, a garage and a land agent open. That might not be true, just my observation.

180315 040 Urana180315 044 Urana

Arrived in Jerilderie about 1pm where I immediately booked into the Caravan Park and set up.

180315 095 Jerilderie Caravan Park180315 046 Jerilderie Caravan Park

It was still not 2pm when I found the local Tourist Information Office and obtained self guided walks around local beauty spots and following the adventures of Ned Kelly when he raided the town in 1879. After a coffee and a snack at the local bakery I set off to see the sights of Jerilderie.

180315 047 Jerilderie Ned Kelly Walk180315 048 Jerilderie Ned Kelly Walk180315 051 Jerilderie Ned Kelly Walk180315 055 Jerilderie Ned Kelly Walk180315 059 Jerilderie Ned Kelly Walk180315 062 Jerilderie Steel Wings Windmill180315 064 Jerilderie Steel Wings Windmill180315 066 Lake Jerilderie180315 067 Lake Jerilderie180315 069 Lake Jerilderie180315 071 Jerilderie War Memorial180315 073 Jerilderie War Memorial180315 076 Jerilderie180315 078 Jerilderie180315 084 Jerilderie180315 087 Jerilderie180315 090 Jerilderie180315 092 Jerilderie

I had originally intended to spend a couple of nights here but I think that by 5pm I had exhausted the tourist delights of the town. A very nice little Australian country town which has made the most of Ned Kelly’s raid and sign posted it well.

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