16th March 2018–Hillston

Distance: 254 km
Fuel: 29 L

Another leisurely start… I was awake at 7am ready for a shower but from then on it was slow progress having a breakfast of my usual cereal and coffee before taking down the TV aerial and packing up  the camper.

Just after 9am I was on the road heading up the Kidman Hwy toward Hillston. Soon I was in the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area  (MIA) where the first stop was  Coleambally to have a look at the massive old dragline that was imported from America in the 1930s to dig the irrigation channels in the Riverina. Had a brief drive round town but nothing too exciting about it, just a typical small Australian town. (pop 600)

180316 003 Coleambally Dragline180316 004 Coleambally Dragline

Onward and northward; by-passing Griffith where Tom Tom knew a shortcut and soon back on the highway toward Hillston.

A short detour to visit Merriwagga – I have been going to visit this town for 50 years. A school mate worked here for a few years as part of the ‘Big Brother’ scheme straight from school. The town has slowly declined over the years to the point where it is now a pub a few houses, massive grain storage and not much else. I had to have a beer at the tallest bar in the southern hemisphere didn’t I?

180316 015 Merriwagga180316 010 Merriwagga180316 012 Merriwagga180316 016 Merriwagga180316 018 Merriwagga180316 021 Merriwagga The Black Stump Hotel180316 023 Merriwagga The Black Stump Hotel180316 029 Merriwagga

Naturally there is the obligatory placard making something out of nothing. Smile

180316 032 Hillston

Arrived in Hillston at about 1pm and easily found the caravan park. I saw the owner as I arrived, she told me to help myself to a site and she would see me later as she had cleaning to do!

180316 065 Hillston Caravan Park

Once I was set up I drove back into town (half a km away) for fuel and a bite to eat. The tourist bureau didn’t have much info about walks or tours other than to warn me about snakes because there is no doctor in town so I just wandered about looking at the Lachlan River and Lake Woorabinda (created by pumping water from the river).

180316 036 Hillston180316 038 Hillston180316 044 Hillston180316 046 Hillston180316 047 Hillston180316 049 Hillston180316 053 Hillston180316 051 Hillston180316 062 Hillston180316 077 Lake Woorabinda & Lachlan River180316 067 Lake Woorabinda & Lachlan River180316 066 Lake Woorabinda & Lachlan River180316 073 Lake Woorabinda & Lachlan River180316 076 Lake Woorabinda & Lachlan River

During my walk I noticed the Hillston Ex Serviceman and Citizens Club almost next door to the caravan park so I called in for a couple of beers and the air conditioning.

180316 080 Hillston Ex Sericeman  and Citizen Club

When I finally returned to the caravan park the owner was in her office and I was immediately offered a 10% discount for being a pensioner. Can’t complain about that!

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