23rd November 2020–Back on the Road!

Distance: 346 Km

It has been a year since I last used the camper! All the trips planned for earlier in the year had to be cancelled because of the pandemic and travel restrictions.

Have absolutely no idea where I am going but it is just so good to be moving again. Limited to NSW as the Queensland border is still closed, not sure what the status of SA is but I think the Victorian border has just been opened however this is just a try out to see what the Covid restrictions are like.

This morning set off from home at about 9.20am in wet and miserable conditions with the possibility of thunderstorms along the way. I suppose I could have waited another day but I just wanted to get moving.

Not an exciting first day, up Mount Ousley then down the Hume Highway until the Boorowa turn off then headed for Young. The weather was too miserable to stop so I did only make one stop to stretch my legs.


Have been to Young many times before but it is a nice place to stop and the weather tomorrow looks promising.

Arrived just after 1pm, even set up the gazebo to provide shelter. One of the things that is immediately obvious is the absence of working holiday backpackers, the park is full of grey nomads with the notable exception of one family with a three  kids that arrived later in the afternoon.

Young Tourist Park

After a cup of tea, and despite the threatening clouds, decided to go for a walk into Young more for the exercise than anything else.  The town centre isn’t far away.

Rocky FM

But I didn’t make it that far

Tourist Office - Old Railway Station201123 013 Young Sign and Tourist Office Railway

Only got as far as the tourist office situated in the old railway station. As I arrived the heavens opened with thunder accompaniment it so I had no choice but to sit on one of the railway benches until it passed which it did after about ten minutes.

Young - Cherry SignYoung - Cherry Sign

Decided  the wisest thing was to stroll back to the caravan park.


When I returned to my camp I found that the gazebo had collected a lot of water in the roof (easily fixed) however from then on the weather started to clear up, later  the sun actually appeared and stayed until it disappeared behind the trees.

Not the best day to start a trip but I didn’t care, at least I wasn’t stuck at home and it should only get better.

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