25th November 2020–Exploring Young

Distance: 12.5Km
Fuel: 39L

Surprisingly misty this morning but pleasantly warm, no rush to do anything so had a leisurely breakfast after my shower.

Was in two minds whether to walk into town but decided to drive to the furthest end of the Heritage Walk – a brochure provided by the Tourist Office in the rain yesterday. I parked appropriately near the Senior Citizens Centre before setting off.

Young FootbridgeCaptain Cook WeirLambing Flats Riot Act Old CourthouseRotundaChurchLambing Flats MuseumLambing Flats Museum

I have been to Young several times before but apart from visiting the Chinese Tribute Gardens haven’t really explored the town. Most of its heritage is centred about the gold rush and the Lambing Flats Riots which eventually led to the White Australia Policy.

Chinese Tribute GardenChinese Tribute GardenChinese Tribute GardenChinese Tribute GardenChinese Tribute GardenChinese Tribute Garden

After extensively walking about town drove to the Chinese Tribute Gardens a few kilometres outside town.

Drove back to the caravan park to have some lunch and look at the town centre.


Cooked some rice, bacon and potato for dinner before finding that I lost the bottle of Tabasco Sauce that  I was sure I had – pepper had to be a poor substitute. It’s a cruel world.

After dinner dismantled and packed away the gazebo, then a trip to the petrol station for fuel because I am leaving tomorrow.

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