What a Difference a Day Makes!

2nd June 2021

Distance: 242km
Fuel: 24L

About 5am I was awoken by a loud bang from a thunderstorm nearby, within minutes it was raining.

It was still raining when, a few hours later we set off for our planned trip to Menindee Lake. The road was flooded in places as we drove the 100 or so kilometres to Menindee.

Our first stop was the Tourist Information Office where the lady in charge told us there was absolutely nothing to see because all the roads were closed except for a sealed road to Copi Hollow and perhaps a short section of dirt to the lookout over Lake Menindee.

Menindee Road Closures

We went for short walk to the local pub to stretch our legs (and the dogs).


In nice weather the Copi Hollow would have been a pleasant place with both boating and swimming

Copi HollowCopi HollowCopi Hollow

On the other side of the highway was the lookout over Lake Menindee and the open weir shown in most TV coverage.

Lake MenindeeLake MenindeeLake MenindeeLake Menindee

The Lake was full, such a change from the reports of fish kills just 12 months ago.

We returned to the caravan park early afternoon where we had a late lunch and spent most of the afternoon chatting and planning our trip for the next few days. We also discovered that all the roads from Tibooburra had been closed, we were so lucky with our trip to Camerons Corner.

Late afternoon the kids went to Mundi Mundi to view the sunset while I watched the dog.

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