Broken Hill to White Cliffs

3rd June 2021

Distance: 296Km

Today will be a leisurely drive, less than 300km to White Cliffs.

We packed up and set off about 9am, Andrew wanted to get coffee and Katie to try to get some gas cylinders for her stove, so I just drove to the start of the Barrier Highway and waited by the side of the road for them to appear. It wasn’t long before Andrew pulled up behind me and a little while later Katie came over the radio telling us she was on her way.

The UHF radios in each car have been great for keeping each other informed on what is happening on the road and even general chat.

There is only one road so it is difficult to get lost, the scenery was wonderful and apart from being briefly stuck behind a motorhome travelling at 70kph it was a good journey.

White Cliffs RoadWhite Cliffs RoadWhite Cliffs RoadWhite Cliffs Road

We turned off the highway onto White Cliffs Road just before entering Wilcannia for the 100km drive to White Cliffs. It is a small opal mining town so it wasn’t hard to find the only caravan park in town.

210604 001 White Cliffs Caravan Park

White CliffsWhite CliffsWhite Cliffs

After setting up there was just time for a drink before we set off for a tour of an Opal Mine. Personally I have no interest in gems, precious stones etc, like coal they are all just rocks to me but the tour itself was very interesting and the miner talked about stones he had found worth up to $500,000 each. Fossicking among the spoil is allowed, I found a bit of valueless Gypsum but that was enough for me.

White Cliffs Opal Mine TourWhite Cliffs Opal Mine TourWhite Cliffs Opal Mine TourWhite Cliffs Opal Mine TourWhite Cliffs Opal Mine Tour

The tour took a couple of hours so it was nearly sunset by the time we returned to our camp for dinner.

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